Scientific & Technical Goals

  • To establish an Open Distributed Resource Management Infrastructure Framework enabling Grid-Based Resource Integration, reflecting, refining and extending the OAIS model and taking advantage of the latest state of the art in virtualisation and distribution technologies from the fields of GRID computing, Federated Digital Libraries, and Persistent Archives;
  • To develop and integrate technologies to support Contextual And Multivalent Archival And Preservation Processes which are adapted and significantly extended from the fields of content and document Management and Information Systems;
  • To develop and integrate technologies to support Semantic Constraint-Based Collection Management to target one of the key challenges in automating one class of digital preservation core functions;
  • To support the Managing Of Future Requirements by securing Interoperability With Future Environments and Maintaining Essential Properties of the preserved content.
  • Foster take up of DP technologies by facilitating suites of products and services able to attack problems and needs from an integrated point of view.